Ryunosuke TOKYO Luxury Line (order)

Would you like to wear the ultimate fashion that fits your body?


  • Jacket: 250,000~
  • Suit: 300,000~
  • Shirt: 90,000~
  • Pants: 100,000~

* Suits are not ready-made now, so please contact us.

The price will change depending on the fabric.

If the fabric is the same as the RTW (ready-made) item, the price will be 40,000 yen higher than the ready-made item.


1. Reservation → 2. Item selection → 3. Fabric selection → 4. Customer measurements → 5. Modification of paper pattern to suit customer → 6. Sheeting to create toile (create clothes shape) → 7. Toile fitting → 8, Correction (sagging shoulders, etc.) → 9, Sewing with real fabric → 10, completed

It will be delivered in about two months to two and a half months.



Kuzuri Keori

The fabric is Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, which has long been known as a production area for Japanese woolen fabrics.

Approximately 100 years ago (Taisho 1), Kuzuri Keori was born in this area shortly after Toyoda Loom, the predecessor of Toyota Motor Corporation, invented Japan's first automatic loom.

While famous overseas brands such as Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, and Scabal all use innovative high-speed looms, Kuzuri Keori continues to use the same low-speed loom called "Shonheru" as it did at the time of its founding.

In recent years, when Japanese manufacturing has been reconsidered, many orders are still coming in from overseas famous designers who are particular about the "taste" of their products. is.

Japanese traditional craft

At the Luxury Line, you can freely choose fabrics for traditional Japanese crafts.

All Nishijin textiles are original patterns of Ryunosuke TOKYO.

Edo Komon is the original color.

Now Nishijin, Edo Komon, Kokura weave

*More will be added in the future.

Welcome to the world of new orders

Unlike normal made-to-order manufacturing, we propose the ultimate fashion that suits each customer's body.

When shopping for clothes, have you ever wished you had something more comfortable and cool?

RTW has limits.

No matter how good the fabric is and the stitching is perfect, there is a limit.

This is because each person's body is different.

We propose the Luxury Line, which is made by changing the RTW to the paper pattern that suits each customer.

Please enjoy the Ryunosuke TOKYO Luxury Line.

Please contact us first.