Ryunosuke TOKYO

Flower charm clover (set of 2)

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*This is a made-to-order product, so we will make the product after receiving your order. Please note that it will take a month to a month and a half for delivery. Also, please note that we cannot accept cancellations after an order has been placed as this is a made-to-order product.

part number RNF001-C
Product name flower charm

Front: 100% silk (Nishijin weave, weft brocade)

Color Clover
size 5cm

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Ryunosuke TOKYO icon original Nishijin boutonniere.

The harmony of flowers and Nishijin weave adds glamor to the jacket, making it a higher-grade elegant look.

Ryunosuke TOKYO Original Nishijin Textile

·made in Japan