About order sales

About order sales

Ryunosuke TOKYO pays attention to environmental issues.
While the fashion industry as a whole is paying attention to environmental issues, Ryunosuke TOKYO focused on making things.
I felt that it was a waste of time for each brand to return so many products every season.
Therefore, at Ryunosuke TOKYO, I thought that order production was the best.
By making it to order, we can make it carefully one by one over time.
We can provide our customers with better quality products.
And you can make small adjustments to the size of each customer, so please enjoy a special product for each customer.

Ryunosuke TOKYO has stopped the season system.
New products can be ordered semi-permanently.
It's not too late because it's the product of the past season when you want it, you can order the product of the past season at any time.
In terms of environmental issues, we don't have to keep inventory as much as possible, so we don't have to return it, so we don't have to dispose of it, so we make things that are kind to the earth.

[Notes on order sales]

As a general rule, we cannot accept any cancellations or returns for items that are made to order.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please check the product page carefully before placing an order.
There are other payment methods such as credit cards.
Please inquire about the number of payments in cash.
shipping fee is free.

[About delivery time]

We will carefully make clothes after payment for the product from the customer.
*In the case of two payments, it will be after the first payment.
It takes about a month to a month and a half from the time you place your order to the delivery.
*Completion may be delayed. If we are late, we will contact you.
We will inform you of the production status of the product by e-mail.