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Nishijin Textile


Ryunosuke TOKYO

We use traditional Japanese craftsmanship luxuriously, and are particular about materials, tailoring, and sewing made in Japan.

"LOOSE ELEGANT LUXURY" loose elegant luxury

"Design with a message, Neveseen Design, NeoModern"

Designer Ryunosuke Murata

Using traditional Japanese crafts

When I was a student, I first encountered Ise Katagami, a traditional Japanese craft. At that time, I was surprised by the detailed and careful work that is unique to Japan, and I went to Mie to see how it was actually made. I really saw the delicate work of the craftsman. I felt that I should not lose this, and started using it because I wanted to spread Japanese traditional crafts to the world through fashion. The number of craftsmen is small, and the average age is rising, so now is the last line to preserve traditional Japanese crafts. I wanted to use, spread and preserve this beautiful traditional craft at RyunosukeTOKYO.

What is Nishijin Textile?

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